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Our Natural rainforest

​The Reserva Natural Porvenir is located in the rainforest of the Magdalena Medio river region in Colombia. The reserve is at a critical point in the Jaguar Corridor, which allows endangered animals to migrate.  This network of forests connects  huge areas of preserved biodiversity.

We protect:


  • Magdalena Marimonda (Ateles hybridus) - CR

  • Blue Ragged Hokko (Crax alberti) - CR

  • Jaguar - CR

  • Puma (Puma concolor) - LC

  • Howler Monkey (Alouatta seniculus) - LC

  • Ivory-billed ibis (Isidodendron tripterocarpum) - VU



  • Cuckoo (Aniba perutilis) - CR

  • Abarco (Cariniana pyriformi) - CR

Landscape elements:

  • Topical rainforest

  • Natural water bodies

CR: Critically Endangered

LS: Little endangered

VU: Vulnerable


The blue-billed curassow (Crax alberti) - CR, was frequently observed in the area in the various forest sections. This species has been observed both solitary and as pairs of males and females with young crossing pastures. 

Paujil de pico azul_edited.jpg


As for flora, 117 species have been recorded in 56 families (Wildlife Conservation Society, 2017)


More about

Legal information about the nature reserve in Colombia

We are proud to be part of it: 

Civil Society Nature Reserve - RNSC.

As RNSC we are part of the National Natural Park of Colombia.

​​A civil society nature reserve is a protected natural area that complements the national territories. It is administered by citizens who have voluntarily decided to leave part of their land for conservation and restoration in order to contribute to climate protection, the networking of forests, the care of water sources, the nutrient cycle, the ethno-ecological heritage, biological diversity and the To achieve sustainability.

We are in SINAP:

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