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Board of Directors as of August 1, 2021

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I am an electrical engineer and went to Germany a few years ago to do a master's degree in electrical engineering. Then I moved to Switzerland, now I work at ewz as a project manager for transformer stations - Energy projects.

As a child I was blessed and allowed to play in the forests and rivers, which my parents Gladys and Francisco later registered as a nature reserve (Reserva Natural Porvenir). At the same time, I also had to watch as more and more forest nearby disappeared.

Since I can now actively influence the future, I would like to work with the Reserva Natural Porvenir association for the preservation of the rainforest and the protection of animals.

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I am an economist and currently work for the company HR-Campus. My only contact with a rainforest conservation project so far has been during lectures on "positive externalities" which describes the challenge from an economic point of view. Natural history or biology in the classroom has never been my strong point.

However, I am all the more happy to actively support my wife Tatiana in this meaningful project and to learn a lot about the biodiversity in Colombia and the importance of the rainforest.  I would like to contribute to inspire more people and that the foundation deals efficiently with the existing funds.

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I've always had the desire to do something good and get involved in a projectgamble. When I heard Tatiana and Stephan talk about their rainforest and saw the sparkle in their eyes, I knew this was the right project for me. It embodies my values and beliefs related to sustainability and protecting our planet. Through my work, I would like to actively contribute to protecting the tropical rainforest and thus promoting a sustainable future. I am happy to be part of this team. Because only together can we preserve this unique natural resource for future generations. 

In addition to my commitment to this project, I am also fortunate to work as a Customer Success Manager at Gubemo AG (Bontique), where I make our customers happy together with a great team. 

  • LinkedIn - Schwarzer Kreis
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