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We are a family with a great love for nature. The reserve is the life's work of parents Francisco Giraldo and Gladys Ospina, who have worked very early to protect and preserve the forest.


We work together with the local population. Our philosophy is based on the importance of small actions. We have started to act for the benefit of nature by preserving primary forests in a heavily deforested area. We want to achieve results that bring us closer to a sustainable life day by day.  


For 36 years, we have been working for the conservation and protection of the tropical rainforest located in Magdalena Medio, Cimitarra, Colombia.


El Porvenir Natural Reserve is part of the RNSC (Natural Reserves of the Civil Society of Colombia). 


Since 2018, my husband Stephan and I Tatiana are also committed to the conservation of the reserve. As a further step we founded the association "Reserva Natural Porvenir" on 01.08.2021.


We collaborate with organizations (WCS, Wildlife Conservation Society) and biologists who promote strategies to conserve biodiversity and increase biodiversity in our protected areas. 


Do you like our idea? Do you want to become active too? 


By becoming a member of our association you also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and climate change mitigation.


Thank you for giving our reserve a future. 

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